Altered Appetite University Bundle by Douglas Cromer
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Altered Appetite University Bundle

Altered Appetite 101, 201, 301, & 401 Courses
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What's included?

Altered Appetite 101 - Plowing The Ground

In the Altered Appetite 101 Course, Doug teaches the biblical principles that will help plow and break up the fallow ground of your heart and mind. It is imperative that your heart and mind are prepared to receive the seeds of truth that will be taught in the 201, 301, and 401 courses. These teachings contain the core foundational principles that helped Doug gain freedom over food addiction. Once purchased you will have lifetime access to these videos.

Altered Appetite 201 - Why Victory Eludes You

In the Altered Appetite 201 Course, Doug teaches the biblical principles that will empower you with the knowledge you need to fight with the right weapons on the right battlefield. Victory is eluding most modern day Christians because the enemy has lured them into fighting on the wrong battlefield. In the Altered Appetite 201 Course you will learn how you can walk in victory as you learn to fight with the weapons God gave us on the correct battlefield. These principles were key to Doug gaining freedom over food addiction. Once purchased you will have lifetime access to these videos.

Altered Appetite 301 - Everything You Wished You Knew About Fasting

Everything You Wished You Knew About Fasting

Altered Appetite 401 - Activating Supernatural Breakthrough

In this course


“I have needed breakthrough for a very long time! Doug was obedient in sharing a prophetic Word from The Lord. Oooh my gosh spiritually I have been taking off and this connection with Doug has been a defining moment in my life. This is a great opportunity to soar with God and break strongholds. Totally recommended .”
Amy Landin
“I discovered this group on Saturday and it has already had powerful, positive results for so many people, including myself. I am so excited for the free 2 week session to begin on Saturday, September 8. I am expecting a great transformation to occur in the lives of many who struggle with food addiction.”
Lenore Pausig
“Struggling with yo-yo dieting for years, constantly searching for an answer, I was lead to the truth that God and biblical principles is where the breakthrough is at. Doug Cromer has not only achieved amazing weight loss results but can say he has an amazing heart for people. I trust this man and highly recommend him to help lead you to breaking free from your food addiction! ”
Mickler Calapini
“I met Doug on another group and I absolutely love his and Leah’s heart. Some of my personal friends joined this group and love it! I believe he can help you get breakthrough!”
Dr. Morgan Goss
“Doug has a caring humble heart and is passionate about helping people discover the breakthrough God has released over him. You will be changed by this!”
Kristi Woods
“I have been so glad that I found this group. The teaching is so transforming my life…. There never anything that makes you feel unacceptable. This is a great community.”
Carolyn Hebert
“I’ve treated clients with food addiction for almost 20 years in both inpatient and outpatient settings as a clinician. Knowing Doug’s story of overcoming and his heart to serve and set people free, I can wholeheartedly recommend him and his program.”
Cindy Bosch Hatcher
“God gave us all appetites! We simply need to shift and direct that appetite toward what we truly crave and truly satisfies– GOD. This is only one of many insights that Doug shares in his course. This program is highly recommended!”
George Galindo
"Stop feeding the wrong things!! Doug will walk through life with you about way more than physical health. He’ll teach you to stop feeding addiction, bad marriages and relationships, drugs, low self-esteem. Learn what true health is from one of most humble teachers!”
Abbie Piette
“I found this group recently and have already been so inspired and moved by the posts.”
Elizabeth James Arneson
“Doug is anointed! You won’t regret the connection!”
Laura Galindo
“Awesome Inspirational Group!!!! Doug is a Very helpful and knowledgeable facilitator/leader.”
Christin Price

Douglas Cromer

A 30+ year food addict, who discovered the principles found in the bible that enabled me to overcome the stronghold of food addiction.

I now teach others how they too can experience the freedom from food addiction, and how they can alter their appetites from their idol back to their God.


Can I share my access once I purchased Altered Appetite University training?

No, you cannot share your access with others.  Each person will need their own paid account to access the training.

Is there a discount for purchasing multiple products?

Yes please visit the Altered Appetite University Bundle page to get more information about the bundled savings discount.

How long will I have access to the Altered Appetite University training?

You will have lifetime access to any Altered Appetite University Products that you have purchased.  Membership plans will give you access to the products that are included in the membership as long as you have a paid active membership.

Can I access this course from different devices?

Yes, once you sign up for a paid course or membership, you will be able to access the Podia Learning Platform (the site that hosts Altered Appetite University products), from your computer, tablets, or phones.  Please do not share your login information with other those.  Each person will need to have an active paid account to access the Altered Appetite University training.

Who can benefit from these courses?

These courses were written to help Christians who struggle with strongholds.  Doug teaches on his personal struggle with the stronghold of food; however, these courses are for Christian who struggles with any type of stronghold or addiction.

These courses will help anyone who wants to learn how to partner with God and release all the power and authority of the Kingdom of Heaven in their lives.

We help people alter their appetites from their idols back to their God.  If you are ready to fall more in love with God than you ever thought possible, these courses are for you.

What if I have problems accessing a course?

If you have any issues accessing a course please email us at

Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

Yes, if you chose the paid monthly membership plan, you can cancel it at anytime.  Please note, that you will lose access to the course material and the Private Facebook Group once you cancel the monthly membership. 

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 30 Day (No Questions Asked) Money Back Guarantee for the paid products.  If you chose a membership plan you will be able to cancel your membership at anytime; however, there will be no refunds for the membership access that has already been paid.

Will I get instant access to the paid products?

Yes, as soon as your payment is made you will have instant access to the Altered Appetite University Courses or Membership that you paid for.  We will send you information on how to request access to the Private Altered Appetite University Facebook Group.

How do I get access to the Private Altered Appetite Facebook Group?

In order to get access to the Private Altered Appetite Facebook Group, you need to either purchase the Altered Appetite University Bundle or Subscribe to the Altered Appetite Monthly Membership.

What format and setting were the videos recorded?

All the Altered Appetite University Training Courses were recorded live as they were taught in Private Facebook Groups.

What order should I take the course?

Just like in any college or university, it is highly recommended that you take the courses in the sequential order that they were taught in.  You should start with the 101 course, then move to the 201, then the 301 course, and then finally the 401 course.

Is fasting safe for everyone?

No, fasting is not safe for everyone.  Please consult your primary care physician before starting a fast to make sure it is safe for you to fast.  We are not physicians and we do not know your medical history.  So please be responsible and work with your physician to see if and what type of fasting could be safe for you.

What is the difference between paid products and the monthly membership?

The Altered Appetite University Courses are products that you pay for once and have lifetime access to.  If you purchase the Altered Appetite University Bundle you will also get lifetime access to the Private Altered Appetite Facebook Group.  These paid products come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 

The Altered Appetite Monthly Membership is an option to pay a monthly membership fee to gain access to all the Altered Appetite University Courses and the Private Altered Appetite Facebook Group.  You can cancel your monthly membership at any time; however, you will lose access to all the Altered Appetite University Courses and the Altered Appetite Private Facebook Group.  Please note, there are no refunds on monthly membership fees that are already paid.