7-Day Challenge Workbook by Douglas Cromer

7-Day Challenge Workbook

This is the 40+ Page Companion Workbook for our Free 7-Day Challenge.

What's included?

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7-Day Challenge Companion Workbook.pdf
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Douglas Cromer

A 30+ year food addict, who discovered the principles found in the bible that enabled me to overcome the stronghold of food addiction.

I now teach others how they too can experience the freedom from food addiction, and how they can alter their appetites from their idol back to their God.


Is fasting safe for everyone?

No, fasting is not safe for everyone.  Please consult your primary care physician before starting a fast to make sure it is safe for you to fast.  We are not physicians and we do not know your medical history.  So please be responsible and work with your physician to see if and what type of fasting could be safe for you.

What if I have problems accessing the workbook?

If you have any issues accessing the workbook please email us at help@alteredappetite.com.